Things I’m Currently Working On

The Hazards of Love | HoL tumblr
After trusting the wrong talking cat, a Latinx teen gets themselves dragged into a surreal world very far from Queens. (Urban fantasy/horror)

Abernathy Square | AS tumblr
Sure, there may be eldritch conspiracies, professors who are not what they seem, and sea monsters in the campus science building, but you know what’s really important? Whether or not your bestie gets a date with that person they think is cute. (Lovecraftian comedy)

Look, everyone will go through a phase where they want to make autobiographical comics. I’m not through that phase yet, and the comic updates on tumblr periodically. (Haphazardly drawn autobiography)

Things I’ve Worked On

Friendly Hostility
A little dated, but I’m still pretty pleased with it; complete.

Other People’s Business
I didn’t finish the comic, but I provided summaries of the remaining issues on tumblr.

A comic that, to my lament, I lost the domain name to. It will return someday.